Financial Confidence for the Uncertainty of Life

Whether you’re a family, professional, or business owner, we help you plan for the uncertainties in life. Do you or your company have a plan that addresses the risks we all face? At Pomfret Financial, we help our clients create financial certainty in these areas:
Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance.
Life Insurance.
Tucked right in between that are considerations like funding a child’s education and caring for aging parents. There are many scenarios that go into planning. The reality is that life happens… and most are unprepared for it. A doctor’s diagnosis forces early retirement, the passing of a loved one changes the landscape of your home, or employee turnover disrupts your company culture. Do you have a plan that not only builds wealth for a prosperous retirement, but also alleviates the inevitable risks of life? We do.

What you can expect from us:


Comprehensive Plans

We take a comprehensive approach to integrate all of your assets, including all insurance, investments, and employer-sponsored plans.


Clear Communication

In every conversation and document, we’ll simplify the complex without talking over your head.

Client Focus

We live by the Golden Rule. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and only make recommendations that are suitable for each individual’s circumstances.

Pomfret Promise:

As an independent firm, it means you receive sound and unbiased financial guidance. We believe we are able to offer the best products based on your unique circumstances, without brand affinity, so you are advised with the utmost integrity.

The Pomfret Process

1. Discovery

Through conversation, document review, and intentional questions, we’ll capture a full picture of your personal and organizational needs.

2. Tailored Analysis

You will not receive a templated plan, but a customized presentation of findings and solutions to ensure your comprehensive protection.

3. Integration

Our team will implement the recommendations in a thoughtful and strategic manner with clear communication at every step.


Many individuals and business owners don’t have a plan in place to ensure their families are provided for when life happens. Our purpose is to simplify the complex industry of insurance and financial planning.

We believe everyone deserves trustworthy financial advice and the peace of mind it brings.

Escape financial vulnerability.

Protecting lives is the Pomfret way.